My Name is Marianne McCourt

I help people make the inevitable midlife changes work for them
Curious to Know More?

No-one prepares us for the inevitable Midlife Changes

We can stay stuck or make this period of our life the most enormous opportunity for inner growth


You’ve done all the things expected of you and now you are facing some overwhelming life sized transitions in…


  • Your Health
  • Your relationships
  • Your Work
  • Your Body
  • Your Self-Confidence

Something is missing and part of you fears that time is running out.

Simply put, your normal has left stage left, and you are wondering what the hell is going on?


 Do you feel like there is an inner civil war raging in your head?

On one side, you have warrior like dreams of change, joy, optimistic transformation and creating a legacy you are proud of, but…

On the other side, you are overwhelmed by confusion, anxiety, a lack of motivation, boredom of what is and a serious lack of self-confidence.

Welcome to the human brain!

Once we understand this cognitive dissonance (aka civil war) we can take back control of our brains!.


I understand your overwhelm and frustration and I know exactly how it feels to be frozen with self-doubt. I spent far too long berating myself for being stuck !


  • Change doesn’t have to be Herculean and hair curlingly scary.
  • Its starts with the decision that you aren’t going to put up with this any longer and then taking one little step after another.
  • The life changer for me, was understanding that staying stuck is a choice.
  • Deciding to flourish and thrive is also a choice.


Marianne has helped me clear out my mind and get laser focused on my business goals so I can truly grow my business. She has an innate ability to hear what’s really keeping me stuck, and she brings it to my awareness with kindness.  Her sense of humor can lighten the hardest conversations, and her genuine love for her clients is deeply felt. It has been a true gift to work with Marianne and I plan to stick with her for a long time..”



Dearest M

I wanted to let you know how much our last session did for me! You helped me to remember my heart, when I was ready to give up, and see things as meaningless. You partnered with my higher self and the knowledge, that there is always a greater meaning to the way we feel, and the events in our lives. I am working with renewed energy on a journal of my soul-based learning from my students, and the lessons with them. I feel that it has given me a guiding light where, for a while, I saw only darkness

 Thank you

 Big hug


Let’s Breathe like we mean it!

Are you ready to uplevel your life, fall back in love with yourself and kick some ass?