5 Essential Tips To Increase Productivity

Well , it is beyond fact that we all have access to the same 24 hours in a day.

It just seems that some of us are better at managing our productivity within the 24 hours!


Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the amount of things you have to do?
Your mind is just full of stuff and you don’t know where to start?
You feel you are just too busy to be able to manage your time?
Successful people don’t have access to any more hours that we do – but i would put my bottom dollar on it, that they follow a highly organised system.

1. They will have a written and detailed list of exactly what they want to achieve.

So write a detailed plan for every project you have on the go. You might have several projects on the go but put each one will be in a separate “box”
and deal with them individually. This will help prevent you from ending up in that hideous multi tasking soup – the one that causes panic and mind chaos!
It will also give you a head start on actually enjoying what you are doing!

2. They will then prioritise their list of Goals

So again make a list, with the most important at the top. Set a deadline for completion for each and every one and learn to stick to these deadlines!
Each day make an action plan ready for tomorrow. Split your tasks into bite size chunks and prioritise them in order of importance. There are many time management systems. I like Omnifocus it asks you to empty everything that you need to do out, of your head and into a virtual to do drawer. Then, you group your tasks into projects and give them all a specific deadline. Every day you have a list of tasks to do and deadlines and it is hugely satisfying to tick them off. A sturdy notebook and pen will do I am sure. The point of any system is to create one that suits you and make it a daily habit.

3. They will then take action.

If you can love what you do the momentum created will carry you through even the most arduous task! The more time we can spend  on our passionate pursuits the more productive we become. Learn to take action yourself immediately, or if you need to delegate learnt to delegate. Highly successful people are great at delegating. Why do we spend so long struggling trying to do something when some one else can do it in a fraction of the time and if the truth be told probably ore effectively than us? Hours struggling causes lack of momentum and this encourages failure. They are great buddies- failure and lack of momentum! We can have a million ideas but all of them are useless until we take action on them- so take action!

4. They Focus Exclusively on the task in hand. 

 If it isn’t taking you towards your goal don’t do it now! If you lack focus try setting smaller time chunks for each task. If you know you have one hour to achieve something you are more likely to focus than by meandering around for an entire day! Switch off all distractions such as social media, mobile phones or other applications that aren’t directly relevant to what you are doing. I have a friend who emails themselves thoughts that spring to mind during the day that aren’t relevant to the project in hand; that way they avoid distraction but have an inbox full of their ideas which they prioritise later on.

5. They regularly evaluate how they spend their time

If you secretly know that you waste great swathes of time then stop it! Make yourself accountable for the way you spend your time. If you don’t have time to read or study something but watch 4 hours of TV every night- well something has to change! We all have the same 24 hours in every day and it is a matter of choice how we use it whether in work or outside of it.  Just check up on yourself and see where you are wasting time and gently adjust your schedule you will be amazed at how much more you can achieve.
De stress your life and give this a go and remember to enjoy the journey. It is so easy to give ourselves too much to do, to ask ourselves to achieve the impossible. Write your self a list of everything that needs to be done and prioritise the top four tasks. Those are the things you will start tomorrow with.
Please remember that we need a good balance in life to be truly effective at anything.
So getting enough good sound sleep, eating well, exercising and spending time with our loved ones doing stuff we enjoy gives us the equilibrium necessary to mange our work hours effectively. So if needs be schedule in time for all of these activities too.
Create a balance and reclaim some of the power that comes from a calm and focused mind.