The Immense Power of Repetition and Persistence

By repeatedly learning a strategy it becomes part of us.

It becomes both normal and natural … it becomes real.


Self-Control is Strength
Right Thought is mastery
Calmness is Power
James Allen
From As a Man Thinketh
Just read these again, slowly…
Self-Control is Strength
Right Thought is mastery
Calmness is Power

The power, our True power, lies within.

The brilliance of a human being’s potential is that we can learn to control our imagination. We can fire it up and create the most wonderful images on the screen of our mind. Adversely we must be aware that we can create fear and abject chaos in our minds just as easily!  Universal Laws suggest that we create what we repeatedly think about. James Allen wrote
A man is literally what he thinks, his character being the complete sum of his thoughts.” 

We must carefully chose our thoughts.

This dictates that we must train our minds as to the nature off our thoughts. Thoughts will always manifest so we must chose their nature. Imagine a garden for a moment, plants will grow that is inevitable, but we can chose to have a garden of well tended beautiful plants and useful crops or a tangle of claustrophobic weeds which block out the light and cause the soil below to become infertile . Repetition is hugely important in the training of our minds and imagination.

We control our own thoughts

It is frequently said, f we can see it in our mind we can hold it in our hand. Our thoughts have the potential to become things. In reality there is nothing in this world that we can really control apart from our thoughts. This seems like a brilliant notions doesn’t it? But deep seated problems can lie buried within our subconscious mind. As children we really are free spirits, our minds are open to all sorts of things and delights of innocence. Then our minds are also filled by all the information, whether true or false, that surrounds us and fed into to us, by environmental factors, peers and family. This repetition of information, whether right or wrong filters down into our subconscious mind and it is this that will form our behaviour patterns. When we have blocks or repeatedly behave in an undesirable way we have to address these deep routed paradigms.

Self Limiting beliefs

One of the easiest examples to demonstrate this might be self limiting beliefs. Say for example someone has told us at school that we are stupid, or that we aren’t nearly clever enough to ever be able to get a good job, or go to university. In all likelihood this falsehood/verbal damage will stay with us and actually restrict our career because we subconsciously believe that we are not good enough. We will all too frequently repeat this adage and it will become part of our psyche. I am not saying that we make a conscious choice to accept that we are not clever enough, or funny enough or what ever it has just become a deep routed gremlin in our subconscious mind!

Re Training our Brain

Once we realise a problem is there, we can deal with it.  We can replace paradigms or behaviour patterns that serve us no purpose with new ones; ones that have the ability to change our lives around. We have to repeatedly retrain our mind, like changing any habit or the bad old habits will come creeping back in!
“If you define the problem correctly, you almost have the solution.”
Steve Jobs

Repetition is the Mother of all learning!

I think it was Bob Proctor whose words and recommendations I have loved studying for many years now, said something along the lines of, Repetition is the mother of all learning! He used to drive with a portable record player in his car, so he could listen to Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill every day as he drove about on his business! He applied what he had learnt and changed his life from one of poverty to being one of the most highly regarded Life Success coaches and businessmen in the world.

A few words from Napoleon Hill

Just to reinforce the immense power of repletion and persistence.
 “There may be no heroic connotation to the word “persistence”, but the quality is to the character of man what carbon is to steel.”
he goes on to say,   “The starting point off all achievement is desire. Keep this constantly in mind. Weak desires bring weak results, just as a small amount of fire makes for a small amount of heat.”
Napoloeon Hill
Please remember that Repetition and persistence are necessary for any new or good practice. They should become great friends of yours!
Repetition instills something into our subconscious mind.
Persistance makes sure we form the habit of putting it in there!