Find Your Life Purpose & Captivating Guided Meditation

It has been said that the two greatest days of your life are the day you are born, and the day you find your life purpose

So what is it- this life purpose?

Forget all the crap that people have told us, which might be that we are useless and have no purpose in life at all. Many writers seem to have flunked English and many of the top business men have just the education of the university of life and not college degree to their name! It is not about inherited paradigms or ones that our peers, or to that matter our own minds have created for us! It is not about being stuck in a job and life that just seems colourless.

It is about discovering what makes us tick. What creates passion and gratitude, expansion and joy…maybe what makes everything worthwhile.

Have you discovered yours yet?

Maybe you don’t have crystal clear vision of what you do want, but you can make a start by abandoning the things that you don’t want …little steps and all that!  Now sorry to seem pedantic, but i said abandon the things you don’t want- not fight against and waste lots of your energy towards them – but abandon them and replace with things that expressly serve the purpose, of taking you in the direction that you want to go in. Things that make your life feel good and purposeful.

It is all about what gets you back in alignment with your true source. You might have to step out of your comfort zone and change direction from nice and safe- but something is missing from my life bubble, to something completely new. Be brave and follow your gut feeling, your instincts.

When you are on track you rediscover your Passion for life and extra ordinary enthusiasm for your work- everything becomes worthwhile and fun once more.  You wake full of energy and are excited to be starting another day, you feel you are achieving something

How many people truly understand that being aligned with purpose/passion/high vibration gives us infinite power of creation? Our imagination can really get to work on the thoughts and ideas, that will take us towards the goals we want to achieve.

Now it probably won’t just come to you… like winning a lottery won’ if you never buy a ticket

So, you must take action and start doing stuff that you love, that makes your heart and soul sing…don’t try and rationalise it, just take some action…doesn’t matter how small- just some! When some one thanks you or praises you for what you have done then your enthusiasm will soar! A pat on the back does wonders for reinforcing our image of self belief and when we truly believe we can do something, and feel it with passion, we can turn our mind to just about anything. When we align with our purpose, wonderful things start to happen.

When something becomes full of joy it becomes infectious, just like laughter can be..

Become fully involved in the now, in our living today and create the life that makes you feel good.

That my friend, is you life purpose or your life purposes!

This wonderful meditation is by Alicia Cramer will take you on a visually stunning journey, help you relax and gently think about your life purpose.




So, you find your life purpose…how does it make you feel

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