8 Wonderful Benefits of Meditation


Meditation has been used for centuries to induce a state of calmness and is an integral part of yoga. There are many different ways you can meditate, including sitting in silence and focusing on relaxing your mind, by repeating a mantra in order to enter a trance state, listening to a guided meditation or by watching a beautiful sequence of images and music. Most people prefer to sit down with their legs crossed when meditating, but you can meditate just about anywhere and in any position. Some can switch into a deep state of relaxation immediately and for some …it takes a little longer and a little more practice!


There’s no question that the power of meditation is very real and everyone should be taking a few moments of each day to meditate and recharge their minds. If you’re considering incorporating meditation into your daily routine, take a look at these 8 ways it could benefit both your mind and body.


1. Meditation Increases Thought Awareness


We are always thinking of something, whether it might be positive or negative. Our thoughts dictate our results and so it is hugely important that we understand how to be aware of our thoughts.


Meditation increases your self-awareness. The more conscious you become of your thoughts the more powerful you become. This inner power is infinite; it is only limited by our imagination. So learn to find calm and learn to love your imagination. Learn to trust in your self too. OK so some ideas might be non-runners but have some fun with this. Imagine over 100 years ago if someone had said we are going to build a machine that will fly in the air – imagine what would have happened if the Wright brothers’ hadn’t believed in their inner beings and imagination?


2. Meditation Increases Focus


The ability to focus on a particular task depends on the strength of the muscles in your brain and if you consistently meditate, you’ll soon notice that it’s easier for you to focus your attention where it needs to be. This is because meditation is known to train the muscles in your brain to focus even when you’re not in a meditative state. Once we increase our focus we can clarify what we actually want.

Sometimes life just seems so busy that we loose track of where the heck we are going or what we actually want. We become like the poor old bug in the rug. Try as he might, he can’t ever seem to get out of that jumbled mass of carpet pile, he knows his little crumbs are in there but try as he might….now I am not in favour of bugs in my rugs but I can sympathise with the poor little chap in his thankless task. If only he knew what we know, he could climb up and look down and get an accurate overview…then he could focus on how to get his next meal!

We must learn to step back and get a different viewpoint. Meditation is a perfect channel for this.


3. Meditation Increases Inner Peace


Meditation can be likened to mental housekeeping! Our minds can get so full of information that serves us no purpose and just consistently whirls around- it can be like having 25 computer tabs open at the same time. By learning to create a beautiful inner calm, you can switch these multiple screens off and when you need them, you can come back to the ones that will actually help rather than hinder your purpose.



4. Meditation Reduces Anxiety


Anxiety is a rather common disorder that is said to affect nearly 40 million adults living in the United States. The symptoms of anxiety can be extremely detrimental to the mind and body, but regularly meditating can reduce nervousness by loosening the connection of certain neural pathways in the medial prefrontal cortex region of the brain. Meditation allows you to refocus on the positive and push the negative thoughts out of your consciousness.


5. Meditation Increase Your Enjoyment Of The Now


Once you are more grounded you can step back and see the now. Actually there is nothing but the now. Anything else has happened already or might never happen at all. Yet we waste so much time worrying about it and creating problems within our lives. If a thought has no purpose, if it is neither taking you towards your goals or helping you feel good, then let it go. Don’t ever fight against it (that gives it more energy) – just let it go. Clear all this destructive stuff out of your brain and learnt to step back and enjoy the Now. The Now is the journey- allow yourself to enjoy it

6. Meditation Promotes Creativity

There have been countless studies performed by education institutions, which prove that meditation can greatly improve a person’s creativity. Everything starts in our mind, in our imagination, so we must allow that to flourish. If our minds are constantly full of chatter we stifle our creativity. By stepping back and creating calm and just being (we are human Beings after all) our deep subconscious mind has a chance to create the most wonderful sources of inspiration. Just allow yourself to be and this might sound strange, but look forward to this quiet time and you will be surprised at how many answers come to you for problems that have been swirling around in the murkiness of your conscious mind. Sometimes with me they arrive few hours later, but they are as clear as can be.


7. Meditation Improves Memory


If you find it difficult to remember things on a daily basis, you could definitely benefit from the power of meditation. Multiple academic studies performed by renowned institutions have proven that regular meditation strengthens the muscles in the brain in order to better retain memories. A study conducted by researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston revealed that meditation causes the cerebral cortex of the brain to thicken by increasing blood flow to the region.


8. Meditation Promotes Better Health.


Not only does meditation improve the function of your brain and lessen symptoms of anxiety, it also helps to calm the body and reduce stress levels. Many doctors prescribe meditation to their patients who have heart conditions caused by unhealthy levels of stress, to help them calm down and take care of their bodies. A 2012 study performed by multiple physicians and published by the American Heart Association in the medical journal titled Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes discovered that meditation can reduce a person’s risk of a heart attack or stroke by a whopping 48%!


As you can see there is great power behind the art of meditation, so it’s recommended you take a bit of time out of every day to calm down, relax and unwind. Your mind and body will surely appreciate it!


When I started, I found it difficult to focus on meditation and not on what I was going to cook for supper, but practice makes perfect!  Never get cross with yourself, (this Absolutely defeats the purpose of meditation!) just gently guide yourself back to where you were. There are so many types of meditation and the text above is giving a only very general overview of some of the benefits. We will look at various types in much more detail in a future discussion. Try guided meditations to begin with and allow your mind to form beautiful images. Meditation isn’t a chore it is something you should really look forward to. Some quiet time for you. Enjoy this wonderful path of discovery.