Planning:Focus:Practice: Appraisal

We are all so very aware that we live in a fast paced world and finding time for ourselves can seem like a luxury which somehow we feel we can ill afford.
If we step back and think about the above statement, it is quite clearly nonsense!
Unless we find time for ourselves on a regular basis we can become near useless to ourselves and also to everyone around us. We become burnt out and unbalanced and that really serves no purpose but a trip to the doctors! We need to realign ourselves with Source. Our creative power and the united power of the Universe and Spirit.
I am not suggesting that we squirrel ourselves away for hours every day (although that sounds rather delicious!) but I really do hope that you can find time to take 10-15 minutes every day for self reflection and some more time to study why we are like we are! Once we understand that we can make a commitment to adjust and then we become the deliberate creators we were born to be.
I have set out 4 Tips to realign Yourself with Source. Simple and easy to follow.
You will have formed a wonderful new habit before you know it!

1. Schedule some You Time

I suggest you get up earlier and start the day with the practice of Calm and mental expansion. Calmness is Power, it is so fundamentally true!
You can start with a little meditation and schedule the rest into another time to suit you. Some people leave this all to heir evening- I prefer to start the day like this- it realigns me!
The point is to schedule the time and stick to this. Make it a habit! It is an excellent habit!
I have decided and committed  to a new plan. I love my sleep, so this is bordering on miraculous! I  get up earlier everyday and this is when I do my little mediation and my study. I made a friend laugh as I call this my “Secret Time”. No one would dream of contacting me @ 06.15 in the morning and no work contacts would call me before 09.00.
So it is perfect!
It is my time and getting up for this has become a real treat. (I am smiling here as I can’t believe that I find getting up earlier a treat- but it truly is!)
My alarm goes at 06.15 and by 06.30 I am showered, the dogs have gone out to check that all is OK outside, (which it always is!) and I am in my study. This is MY time…
This bit is important
Do not open emails or do anything that is not your plan and will distract you.

2. Use your time wisely

Plan exactly what you are going to do and do it.Take Action
My first 15 minutes are spent meditating the next 60 minutes or so studying- it is such a great time because I do not open emails or any apps except those which I need. I allow nothing to distract me.
You will become amazed how focused you become when you rigidly stick to your plan. It might be to meditate for an hour it might be to study for an hour. It might be to write or paint or what ever sets you up for the day. This is your time so, savour it.
First thing in the boring, I meditate using Zen 12
( Try a free  Zen 12 Meditation here) which I love and fits perfectly into my routine. This is a great little program which uses brainwave sounds to allow you to go into a deep meditation in just 12 minutes. I feel like I have had an hour’s worth of deep meditation in just 12 minutes.  It suits me and works perfectly in the time have allotted.
Then having given that my full attention, I study. I set a timer for my study and when it goes off, I stop. I never go over time and this timed focus creates a wonderful habit, one I truly relish. I use my time wisely and to full effect.
By 09.00 I am set up for the day. I am calm, full of delight at what the world has to offer, the dogs are fed (heaven forbid that was late!) I have had breakfast and I am raring to go.
Yes and it is only 09.00!

3  Practice makes Perfect

Any habit good and bad takes a while to make or break!
For the first few days you will have to really “encourage” yourself to start but once you feel the benefits it becomes a most lovely routine.
When I first started this, a couple of ‘events’ happened and off I wandered… (Marianne have a word with yourself, for goodness sake!) It takes effort and more importantly an understanding of the benefits of study and applying yourself to any routine that set your mind to. When you understand that by aligning yourself with forces far bigger than we are, I am going to call this Source, some call God and there a myriad of names, then my friend then you are on the way to the most beautiful and balanced life.
We create our lives. We choose what to do and what not to do.
I have made the choice to start my day in this wondrous way of calm and education. Changes don’t happen over night but you will most definitely notice changes happen within you. You might notice yourself responding to a situation rather than reacting, or when one of those sideswipes comes barrelling along towards you it doesn’t seem quite so bad. You are more able to cope and you will start to see how starting the day in a calm way is really the most wonderful luxury!
I am calling it a luxury. We all have to sacrifice something for something else. There are 24 hours in the day and it is up to us how we use them. I am sacrificing some sleep time for this special “Secret Time” and it has become such a treat and my knowledge of self is soaring, soaring high.
You might find it easier to sacrifice some evening time and switch off the television for a while
There is no right and wrong in the time you decide upon. Choose what suits you and what you will stick to.
Our lives are meant to be enjoyable so please set this Habit to be one you will enjoy and make the time freely available. If you start out begrudgingly you have doomed yourself to failure.

4. Appraisal

Check your progress after 30 days. Yes, 30 days of sticking to this. Don’t panic if you miss a day, just add one on to the end!  30 days, is a good time to form (or break a habit) and also write down in a journal or diary the differences you see in yourself.  If you feel you need to adjust this then feel free to adjust. The idea of You Time is that you are allowing yourself to step back from the frenetic pace of life, take a deep breathe and evaluate what is happening in your life.
If you have achieved a goal, however small after 30 days heap prasie upon yourself, give yourself a big hug and decide what you would like to accomplish next? Anything is possible when we set our minds to it.
Enjoy and I would love to hear how you get on?
In love and light