What is a decision?

Well,  Dr Carole N Hilderbrand wrote

“The word decision comes front the Latin roots, ‘de’ meaning from and ‘caedere’, meaning to cut..therefore a decision means cutting from any other possibility. A TRUE DECISION then, means you are committed to achieving a result, and then cutting yourself off from any other possibility.”

A decision is answering a question. Every question has to have an answer. It might not be obvious to us, but it is there if we know how to tune in to it. Wise people ask great questions and the answers to these enable them to grow. When we tune into a question the answer will come to us. But we must remember that the answer can only come back to us on the level that we put out the question.

Einstein said

“We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.”

We must change our thinking up a notch, think outside of the box, see it from a different perspective and then we will find the answer.
We only attract back to us the level of energy that we are putting out.

That is why it is so important not to plan the entire route. Just plan the first step…more on this later…

1. Our ability to make effective decisions controls every single part of our life

Indecision can paralyse our life: it can stop us dead in our tracks!
How awful to get to the end of our lives and wish we had just made a few good decisions! Don’t they say the saddest words in the English language are –  If only…
The biggest mistake we can make in life is to do nothing; is to be afraid of making a decision.
We must learn to be courageous – the bigger the decision we must make, the more courage is needed.


Yet we are never taught how to make decisions! This seems absurd!

We want others to validate our decisions and build up our confidence, yet the friends and family members we ask have probably have the same inability as ourselves to make clear and concise decisions. There are hundreds of people all too ready to advise us, probably people who know less than us but love the sound of their own voices!
I adore this quote by Napoleon Hill- let us learn to listen and learn and be less free with our advice!

…let one of your first decisions be a closed mouth and open eyes and ears… Genuine wisdom is usually conspicuous through modesty and silence.”

 I have a wonderful friend who blames her indecisiveness on her mother’s indecisiveness!  This is quite clearly ridiculous- she manages to make the decision every time, that she is not ready to decide on something, or wait for a little bit longer or what ever else the excuse might be. Her subconscious mind is controlling her ability to decide. The wonderful part is that she is making a decision every time, (albeit one with no purpose) that she is bad at making a choice and so reinforcing this nonsensical pattern of behaviour!
Why don’t we teach our children to make decisions ? I don’t know? It should be a simple and gentle process, one that is fun and easy to comprehend. Rather than telling people what to do, why don’t we ask of them more often, “What do you think?” Allow them to choose for themselves. Allow them to strengthen the muscle of decision- like all our mental faculties it needs a work out!
When we become really great at decision making, we virtually eliminate chaos from our mind. We restore a wonderful and natural order. Great decision makers remove that awful mental conflict and churning of the mind. Doesn’t it feel great when we have made a decision and get fully behind it?  Notice how calm we feel and how much more energy we have. What is actually happening is that we are coming into alignment with our decision and our vibration is changing.  We are moving up  a level and new and exciting things will come to us. More of this later….

 2. The Conflict between Emotion and Reason


There is frequently a battle going on between our conscious or thinking mind and our subconscious or emotional mind.

Our conscious mind has the ability to filter through information and make decisions on what it believes to be right. The subconscious mind has no ability to reason. It must accept what is fed into it: it can not differentiate between truth and a lie. Up until the age of about 6 our little minds have no ability to choose what to believe, everything we hear, see, feel and are told, goes into our subconscious and forms our belief system (our paradigms) Some are great and others can be utterly ridiculous!

We can think anything we choose to think- that is a fact. But interestingly, our thoughts tend to be in harmony with our paradigms. Our mind wants any easy life and it likes harmony. Discord sets us into a possible fight or flight reaction, our mind panics and all hell can break loose!    Remember here that we attract like for like, so if our mind tells us to stay in the same place we will attract to us more of the same. This is why it is so very easy to become stuck in a perpetual rut of the same old thing.

Our belief patterns, or habits, or paradigms or what ever you wish to call them, make us comfortable to make decisions on what we can see and know in the present moment. Let us call them paradigms for sake of argument! Our paradigm will restrict our decision making based on past mistakes, fear of failure and a whole host of inherited and quite probably incorrect beliefs, for example we all have those little voices…

You can’t do that… Why did you ever even think you were capable of doing that?  You know the little scratchy and shrieking voices of doubt (OR MAYBE IT IS JUST ME….REALLY?!)  You know it will happen all over again… I don’t why you are even bothering to try again…. YES THOSE VOICES…. Money is the root of all evil… the list can be endless and has quite probably rooted into your subconscious that money is evil and that we are born to be a failure and miserable, enduring a mundane life!

Those paradigms put up  a real fight, they don’t want to be silenced!

Well Bah Humbug to that!


(By the way Money is not the root of all evil, the inappropriate use of money is a root of evil or inappropriate and shameful wastage……)

Well it is time to shut them up and regain control!

Thank Heavens for that!


With greater awareness of how our mind works we can recognise the dilemma and use our intellectual faculties to sort it out.
Once we are aware of the Universal Laws, we are able to replace our paradigms with a new set of beliefs. We never want to fight against a belief, as that in effect attracts more energy to it, but we deliberately want to replace it with new ones and align with these.

3.  Trust your intuition and stop being influenced by others

Don’t be swayed by other people’s decisions. There will always be bucket loads of negativity that you can find and use to head on back to the procrastination playground. There will always be a host of the “I can’t do x,y,z brigade”  but if you really start to tune into yourself and your dreams/ purpose, then people will appear who can help take you to the next level.

” If you are influenced by the Opinion of others, you will have no desire of your own”

Napoleon Hill.

When we lack self confidence we tend to want other people’s approval. This can be disastrous when applied to decision making, because unless we are asking people who have the same aims and similar goals, the answers are likely to stop us in our tracks. We are conditioned as humans to like a nice and comfortable safe zone. So many people can offer you so many opinions – do you know the ones I mean,  “why would he ever fancy you? … Heaven’s you could never be good enough to do that… Why on earth do you think you are capable of….” are you getting the picture? Do a few “friends” spring to mind (?)  I told you the paradigm would be back and back again and that you just have to watch out for its downright interference in your decision making!


I am not saying make ill informed decisions, I am suggesting that you gather all the facts available at this time, think of the bigger picture ( e.g. the gain of the end goal) and learn to listen to your intuition and reasoning faculties inside. Step back for a little moment, quieten yourself down and start listening to what is going on inside you,. The answer to nearly every decision will almost certainly already there inside.  Allow the answers to move into your consciousness

I love the advice Bob Proctor gives.

He lists four great questions to ask yourself before making a decision:
1. Do I really want to be, do or have this?
2. Will being, doing or having this, move me in the direction of my goal?
3. Is being, doing or having this IN Harmony with God’s Laws or the Laws of the Universe?
4. Will being, doing or having this Violate the  rights of others?

If the first three answers are YES and the forth answer a NO, then go for it!

“When I have gathered enough information to make a decision, I don’t take a vote, I make a decision”

Ronald Regan

To save this being too long winded part two (#4-6) is coming tomorrow!