Part Two…

4. Don’t make your decisions based on your present circumstances


When we study and start to understand the Laws of the Universe such as the Law of Supply and The Law of Attraction, and by understand I mean that we acknowledge that they are as real as the Law of Gravity, it gives us the confidence to make decisions based on these Universal Laws. It seems to me that much of life success is about awareness.


We learn to make our decisions based on our infinite power, potential and unlimited supply.
Everything comes from an unlimited supply. What we have is a result of our conscious awareness of these Laws and how they work. It is our choice whether we over ride a paradigm of limited supply. The one we are vociferously taught as children and includes, greed and guilt and there never being enough for everybody.

This is  a really big one to understand!

Our intellect tells us that we are not limited, so we have to understand and accept this and over ride the emotional concept of the paradigm telling us that  we are limited.

Our paradigm is trying to control us and in its own way protect us. It wants us to stay in the nice comfortable safe zone…..

We can spend ages waiting for a change of circumstance before we feel we should make a decision. This is out and out procrastination!  If we look back to the Law of Attraction, this is quite clearly wrong. The longer we focus on what we don’t have, the more of that lack, we will attract back to us. We must consciously raise our vibration and hence attract more of the new “stuff” back to us.

We must not allow external circumstance to dictate our lives- this when we become aware is quite clearly ridiculous!

All the great leaders, accept that we become what we think about, this has become a Universal Truth. So let us make our decisions on where we want to end up and not on where we are now.

“To believe in the things you can see and touch is no belief at all; but to believe in the unseen is a triumph and a blessing.” ~Abraham Lincoln

5  Think Big- Never be Overwhelmed by the size of your Decision

Don’t be overwhelmed when you make a decision, by thinking about how you will get to the eventual goal.

Don’t let the overwhelm cloud you decisions.

There is the famous story of the boats arriving on a battle torn beach and the leaders burning their boats so the soldiers had no way of turning back. They had to commit 100% to the task in hand.

When we commit to a decision and really get behind it our energy changes. The end goal is so worthy of us, that every little sacrifice we have to make on the way becomes insignificant.  It feels good!  Now this raises our level of vibration and so we start to attract new things back to us.

This is the Law of Attraction in play. It is one of the Universal Laws. It is as it is!  When we make a decision, we don’t need to know how we are going to get all the way to the top of the mountain, we only need to know how we are to start out to the brow of the first little hill. Each little summit we reach  on the way to our goal changes our level of awareness. There is no point in planning out the entire journey because you are only seeing it from where you are now.  You awareness will change as you progress: so don’t waste time planning your entire journey.

Make a decision, line up with and start. Now. Today!


6. The Mother of All Mistakes is to Make No decision At All!

The biggest mistake we can do, is to do nothing!


By practicing making decisions we gain confidence in our abilities. OK so we will make mistakes but learn to see these as part of the learning curve. Some people I know love making mistakes, it encourages them to keep trying and learning and expanding. If we make a mistake, we must be courageous. Admit it and if it is prudent to give up- give up. If we are still determined to get to our end goal, go about it another and better way. Our decisions are made in private, but they exactly influence our results and our results are how the world sees us and the legacy we leave.


 “We think in Secret and it comes to pass.
Environment is but our looking glass. “
James Allen


The more we practice this, the easier it becomes.



Because we gain confidence each time. Our awareness expands and our vibration rises. We align ourselves with a flow of wellbeing. You often hear people saying that time after time great things keep happening to them. Well they achieve a success and they keep attracting more of the same back to them. The Law of Attraction supplies like for like. It can take as little as one good decision to start the ball rolling  and change the direction of your life.

As our awareness expands and we understand that successful decision making isn’t luck, it is a formula and one we can repeatedly put into practice. Then, finally  we realise that we have always been capable of being a great decision maker…. the rub of it…no one ever told us so!!

So remember the formula for great decision making is:
Think, gather information and look at it from as many sides as possible.
Commit 100% and put all your energy into it
Be accountable to yourself and others.
Enjoy the outcome.