Dreams are the beginning of everything we create own our life. I was brought up to believe that dreaming wasn’t a particularly productive pastime?

Were you?

Are you day dreaming again Marianne?
I probably was!


Sadly  it gets drummed out of us as we “grow up’!
It did with me, until recently with all the studying I am doing, I now know, that it is the starting point for all that we create.


What do you really want to experience in your life?

Let your imagination soar, breathe some lovely deep breaths, close your eyes, put  a smile on your face and just dream…
Dream so big that the excitement floods you with energy, with desire.
Dream in such precise detail that you can see it, feel it and feel the emotions attached to it.


A dream home by the beach maybe?  Hear the sea gently breaking on the shore, feel the sand scrunching between your toes, feel the warmth of the evening sun on your skin, you walk inside and there is your gorgeous partner pouring you a drink and cooking the supper, he is wearing that funny little apron you gave him at Christmas…that is what I mean by really feeling the emotion of the image.


The only limit on your imagination my friend is YOU!


Please don’t make your dreams based on your reality today, on what people around you think and expect and what is in your bank account. That isn’t a real dream. It is one that keeps you in your comfort zone and stops you moving forwards in a great way. It is the “dreaming” that 95% of the population does and it takes you nowhere really.  Don’t let fears drag you down- dream big. Don’t let the part of your life that has already been dictate your future. It is up to you to decide how your future will be.  The size of your dream is related to the passion of your desire in achieving it.


How would it make you feel?


So don’t dream from a place of lack, dream from a place where your higher soul is soaring. Where you are in alignment with Source/God.  A place of abundance and where everything is possible.
I get excited just thinking about this place.
Do you?


I want to inspire you to dream bigger and better goals.


Stop saying No to yourself and allow you soul to tell you which way you are meant to go.

Through dreaming and our imagination we can align with our higher self/ source.


There are several questions I ask myself before making decision on the viability of a really great dream:
Will it take me in the direction I want to be going in?
How will it feel when I achieve it?
Will this make me a happier and more fulfilled person?
Will I regret not doing this?
Will achieving this dream hurt anybody else?
Do I know how I am going to achieve this?
If you get 4 x yes and 2 x no (and in that order!)  then you are all set to go!


If you do know how you are going to achieve this, then it isn’t a big enough dream for expansion it is more like a side step! Valid but it isn’t going to set your soul on fire.


The next phase is to make the decision.


Make the dream feel real and soon your desire will be so great that there is no decision to be made any more. A decision isn’t a … well I kind of want that, it is a burning up the tarmac- Yes I want, I really want that with all my heart and soul. That is a decision!  That decision changes your level of vibration.




Your level of Awareness has jumped up a few notches.
You are now radiating a higher level of vibration and you start attracting new thoughts, new ideas and new people to you.  The Law of Attraction states that what you radiate out you attract back to yourself. You are in a new and expanded sate, you are creating a wonderful new pathway in your experience.
Once you understand the Law of Attraction and all the other Universal Laws you start to understand that Dreaming and setting goals is not a matter for chance and luck, it is a process.


You heard me right, success is a process, one that can be repeated time and time again.


It always starts in the imagination- we think in pictures.
Then through emotions we commit this dream, this glorious vision to our sub conscious mind. We keep the emotion alive and flowing through us and we keep our level of vibration high. The Universe then has to open up the ways for success.  Remember if you are tuned into a certain radio station of FM you aren’t going to receive a different one on AM. You will receive what you put out. You are a vibrational transmitter!
Your new awareness will open up opportunities for you, that previously you passed by.
Step by step you are on your way to the vision you created in your mind at the top of this note.
Take action and that make it happen.


There is no reason not to succeed.

When you understand your higher self and the Universe – there is a simple system- when we say Yes and Commit to something, new people and things turn up to help us.  As your confidence grows in this process, your desire, and the associated the movement of energy will dissolve your fears. Get up to speed vibrationally and stay in the ‘essence’ of this vibration- how would it feel?  Keep that feeling active and attract success to you.  Don’t ignore the nagging fears altogether, be thankful they have arisen. They are showing you that you are feeling out of alignment and that needs addressing.
Let fear be your friend, allow it to inform you and then let it go.  Fears are part of life.  There is always value in the message?  The energy of fear can be turned around to serve you – use the clarity it brings of what you don’t want to become ever more focused on what you do want.


Start the process today and begin building your dream. It is such fun and can be added to over several days/ weeks. Then write it down, you keep adding details but write them down. Writing it down creates a deep bond in our mind. I like the idea of having a special box and cutting out images of the dream life that ou want to create. Not  vision boar but a box for “WHAT IS” Make it in the present tense and as you drop in images feel the excitement of already having these parts of your dream.


The most important part of this process is to allow your imagination to go wild and have great fun with it.