☯ Valentine’s Love To You
So here we are, its Feb 14th 2017 and Inboxes are overflowing, postmen are being crippled under the weight of post sacks and florists are doing a roaring trade!
Its Valentine’s Day and we are being bombarded with, dare i say, over commercialised crap and overtly sickly images of chocolates and puppies. Don’t get me wrong I love chocolate and my dogs are a large part of my life- I love them madly and deeply.
I love giving love. I love receiving love – but don’t feel the need to confine it to one day of massive commercialism!
As you know, I love to focus on what I do want and not waste energy on the negatives, so today I would love to share this with you.
If you are in a relationship – truly, madly and deeply love your partner. This isn’t about roses and fluffy slippers one one day of the year, this is about…
You giving to your loved ones what THEY need.
What makes them come totally alive?
What makes them roar with laughter?
What makes them feel needed and totally appreciated?
I would love you to just stop for a moment, put your hand on your heart and breathe. Breathe into your heart for one minute. Connect with the all knowing part of you. That part has your answers.
Do this exercise for just one minute. Focus on breathing and feeling the warmth of your hand on your heart. Imagine the breathe flowing through you and nurturing your heart and soul. Now coming from this place of connection, ask yourself what would your partner love you to do to delight them? 
Think outside the box.
Be Playful!
Take action and plan it, now, today and have huge fun with this.
Remember this is not about what you want to give them-
this is all about what they would love to receive.
For us singletons-
I love Valentines day, because it reminds me with gratitude that I am really rather amazing already and on my own and that I know absolutely, that my ideal partner is coming to me. So lets do the same beautiful breathing exercise above and ask ourselves-
What would make today really special?
What would make me laugh, feel total love for myself happy and contented?
An extra treat snuggle on the sofa with our beloved dog, a special supper and fine wine for one, call a friend we have been meaning to for ages, speak to relatives, call another person who might be feeling a little low?
The list is as endless and beautiful as your imagination!
Extra brownie points are always scored for making others feel a little better!
Why not challenge yourself to pay 5 compliments to day- make people smile. As always, make the world around you a better place.Leave everyone around you feeling better for knowing you.
If we all could do that what a wonderful world this would be.
Sending heart felt love to you all