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Author: Marianne

Valentine’s Love To You

Valentine’s Love To You So here we are, its Feb 14th 2017 and Inboxes are overflowing, postmen are being crippled under the weight of post sacks and florists are doing a roaring trade! Its Valentine’s Day and we are being bombarded with, dare i say, over commercialised crap and overtly sickly images of chocolates and puppies. Don’t get me wrong I love chocolate and my dogs are a large part of my life- I love them madly and deeply. BUT… I love giving love. I love receiving love – but don’t feel the need to confine it to one...

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Size Matters- Dream Big!

  Dreams are the beginning of everything we create own our life. I was brought up to believe that dreaming wasn’t a particularly productive pastime? Were you? Are you day dreaming again Marianne? I probably was!   Sadly  it gets drummed out of us as we “grow up’! It did with me, until recently with all the studying I am doing, I now know, that it is the starting point for all that we create.   What do you really want to experience in your life? Let your imagination soar, breathe some lovely deep breaths, close your eyes, put...

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Shame Can Be Lethal

The emotion of shame can be lethal! Ok, so a huge statement but negative emotion can be as destructive as acid and as poisonous to our wellbeing as arsenic.   Truth!   Shame, my dictionary defines as “a painful feeling of humiliation or distress caused by the consciousness of wrong or foolish behaviour”   The roots of the word shame are thought to derive from an older word meaning “to cover”; as such, covering oneself, literally or figuratively, is a natural expression of shame (Wikipedia) Shame can be something someone has done to us or it can be something that we...

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6 Tips for Excellent Decision Making- Part 2 (# 4 – 6)

Part Two… 4. Don’t make your decisions based on your present circumstances   When we study and start to understand the Laws of the Universe such as the Law of Supply and The Law of Attraction, and by understand I mean that we acknowledge that they are as real as the Law of Gravity, it gives us the confidence to make decisions based on these Universal Laws. It seems to me that much of life success is about awareness.   We learn to make our decisions based on our infinite power, potential and unlimited supply. Everything comes from an unlimited...

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6 Tips for Excellent Decision Making- Part 1 (#1-3)

What is a decision? Well,  Dr Carole N Hilderbrand wrote “The word decision comes front the Latin roots, ‘de’ meaning from and ‘caedere’, meaning to cut..therefore a decision means cutting from any other possibility. A TRUE DECISION then, means you are committed to achieving a result, and then cutting yourself off from any other possibility.” A decision is answering a question. Every question has to have an answer. It might not be obvious to us, but it is there if we know how to tune in to it. Wise people ask great questions and the answers to these enable them to grow....

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