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4 Tips to Realign Yourself with Source

4 Tips to Realign Yourself with Source

Planning:Focus:Practice: Appraisal

We are all so very aware that we live in a fast paced world and finding time for ourselves can seem like a luxury which somehow we feel we can ill afford.
If we step back and think about the above statement, it is quite clearly nonsense!
Unless we find time for ourselves on a regular basis we can become near useless to ourselves and also to everyone around us. We become burnt out and unbalanced and that really serves no purpose but a trip to the doctors! We need to realign ourselves with Source. Our creative power and the united power of the Universe and Spirit.
I am not suggesting that we squirrel ourselves away for hours every day (although that sounds rather delicious!) but I really do hope that you can find time to take 10-15 minutes every day for self reflection and some more time to study why we are like we are! Once we understand that we can make a commitment to adjust and then we become the deliberate creators we were born to be.
I have set out 4 Tips to realign Yourself with Source. Simple and easy to follow.
You will have formed a wonderful new habit before you know it!

1. Schedule some You Time

I suggest you get up earlier and start the day with the practice of Calm and mental expansion. Calmness is Power, it is so fundamentally true!
You can start with a little meditation and schedule the rest into another time to suit you. Some people leave this all to heir evening- I prefer to start the day like this- it realigns me!
The point is to schedule the time and stick to this. Make it a habit! It is an excellent habit!
I have decided and committed  to a new plan. I love my sleep, so this is bordering on miraculous! I  get up earlier everyday and this is when I do my little mediation and my study. I made a friend laugh as I call this my “Secret Time”. No one would dream of contacting me @ 06.15 in the morning and no work contacts would call me before 09.00.
So it is perfect!
It is my time and getting up for this has become a real treat. (I am smiling here as I can’t believe that I find getting up earlier a treat- but it truly is!)
My alarm goes at 06.15 and by 06.30 I am showered, the dogs have gone out to check that all is OK outside, (which it always is!) and I am in my study. This is MY time…
This bit is important
Do not open emails or do anything that is not your plan and will distract you.

2. Use your time wisely

Plan exactly what you are going to do and do it.Take Action
My first 15 minutes are spent meditating the next 60 minutes or so studying- it is such a great time because I do not open emails or any apps except those which I need. I allow nothing to distract me.
You will become amazed how focused you become when you rigidly stick to your plan. It might be to meditate for an hour it might be to study for an hour. It might be to write or paint or what ever sets you up for the day. This is your time so, savour it.
First thing in the boring, I meditate using Zen 12
( Try a free  Zen 12 Meditation here) which I love and fits perfectly into my routine. This is a great little program which uses brainwave sounds to allow you to go into a deep meditation in just 12 minutes. I feel like I have had an hour’s worth of deep meditation in just 12 minutes.  It suits me and works perfectly in the time have allotted.
Then having given that my full attention, I study. I set a timer for my study and when it goes off, I stop. I never go over time and this timed focus creates a wonderful habit, one I truly relish. I use my time wisely and to full effect.
By 09.00 I am set up for the day. I am calm, full of delight at what the world has to offer, the dogs are fed (heaven forbid that was late!) I have had breakfast and I am raring to go.
Yes and it is only 09.00!

3  Practice makes Perfect

Any habit good and bad takes a while to make or break!
For the first few days you will have to really “encourage” yourself to start but once you feel the benefits it becomes a most lovely routine.
When I first started this, a couple of ‘events’ happened and off I wandered… (Marianne have a word with yourself, for goodness sake!) It takes effort and more importantly an understanding of the benefits of study and applying yourself to any routine that set your mind to. When you understand that by aligning yourself with forces far bigger than we are, I am going to call this Source, some call God and there a myriad of names, then my friend then you are on the way to the most beautiful and balanced life.
We create our lives. We choose what to do and what not to do.
I have made the choice to start my day in this wondrous way of calm and education. Changes don’t happen over night but you will most definitely notice changes happen within you. You might notice yourself responding to a situation rather than reacting, or when one of those sideswipes comes barrelling along towards you it doesn’t seem quite so bad. You are more able to cope and you will start to see how starting the day in a calm way is really the most wonderful luxury!
I am calling it a luxury. We all have to sacrifice something for something else. There are 24 hours in the day and it is up to us how we use them. I am sacrificing some sleep time for this special “Secret Time” and it has become such a treat and my knowledge of self is soaring, soaring high.
You might find it easier to sacrifice some evening time and switch off the television for a while
There is no right and wrong in the time you decide upon. Choose what suits you and what you will stick to.
Our lives are meant to be enjoyable so please set this Habit to be one you will enjoy and make the time freely available. If you start out begrudgingly you have doomed yourself to failure.

4. Appraisal

Check your progress after 30 days. Yes, 30 days of sticking to this. Don’t panic if you miss a day, just add one on to the end!  30 days, is a good time to form (or break a habit) and also write down in a journal or diary the differences you see in yourself.  If you feel you need to adjust this then feel free to adjust. The idea of You Time is that you are allowing yourself to step back from the frenetic pace of life, take a deep breathe and evaluate what is happening in your life.
If you have achieved a goal, however small after 30 days heap prasie upon yourself, give yourself a big hug and decide what you would like to accomplish next? Anything is possible when we set our minds to it.
Enjoy and I would love to hear how you get on?
In love and light
8 Wonderful Benefits of Meditation

8 Wonderful Benefits of Meditation

8 Wonderful Benefits of Meditation


Meditation has been used for centuries to induce a state of calmness and is an integral part of yoga. There are many different ways you can meditate, including sitting in silence and focusing on relaxing your mind, by repeating a mantra in order to enter a trance state, listening to a guided meditation or by watching a beautiful sequence of images and music. Most people prefer to sit down with their legs crossed when meditating, but you can meditate just about anywhere and in any position. Some can switch into a deep state of relaxation immediately and for some …it takes a little longer and a little more practice!


There’s no question that the power of meditation is very real and everyone should be taking a few moments of each day to meditate and recharge their minds. If you’re considering incorporating meditation into your daily routine, take a look at these 8 ways it could benefit both your mind and body.


1. Meditation Increases Thought Awareness


We are always thinking of something, whether it might be positive or negative. Our thoughts dictate our results and so it is hugely important that we understand how to be aware of our thoughts.


Meditation increases your self-awareness. The more conscious you become of your thoughts the more powerful you become. This inner power is infinite; it is only limited by our imagination. So learn to find calm and learn to love your imagination. Learn to trust in your self too. OK so some ideas might be non-runners but have some fun with this. Imagine over 100 years ago if someone had said we are going to build a machine that will fly in the air – imagine what would have happened if the Wright brothers’ hadn’t believed in their inner beings and imagination?


2. Meditation Increases Focus


The ability to focus on a particular task depends on the strength of the muscles in your brain and if you consistently meditate, you’ll soon notice that it’s easier for you to focus your attention where it needs to be. This is because meditation is known to train the muscles in your brain to focus even when you’re not in a meditative state. Once we increase our focus we can clarify what we actually want.

Sometimes life just seems so busy that we loose track of where the heck we are going or what we actually want. We become like the poor old bug in the rug. Try as he might, he can’t ever seem to get out of that jumbled mass of carpet pile, he knows his little crumbs are in there but try as he might….now I am not in favour of bugs in my rugs but I can sympathise with the poor little chap in his thankless task. If only he knew what we know, he could climb up and look down and get an accurate overview…then he could focus on how to get his next meal!

We must learn to step back and get a different viewpoint. Meditation is a perfect channel for this.


3. Meditation Increases Inner Peace


Meditation can be likened to mental housekeeping! Our minds can get so full of information that serves us no purpose and just consistently whirls around- it can be like having 25 computer tabs open at the same time. By learning to create a beautiful inner calm, you can switch these multiple screens off and when you need them, you can come back to the ones that will actually help rather than hinder your purpose.



4. Meditation Reduces Anxiety


Anxiety is a rather common disorder that is said to affect nearly 40 million adults living in the United States. The symptoms of anxiety can be extremely detrimental to the mind and body, but regularly meditating can reduce nervousness by loosening the connection of certain neural pathways in the medial prefrontal cortex region of the brain. Meditation allows you to refocus on the positive and push the negative thoughts out of your consciousness.


5. Meditation Increase Your Enjoyment Of The Now


Once you are more grounded you can step back and see the now. Actually there is nothing but the now. Anything else has happened already or might never happen at all. Yet we waste so much time worrying about it and creating problems within our lives. If a thought has no purpose, if it is neither taking you towards your goals or helping you feel good, then let it go. Don’t ever fight against it (that gives it more energy) – just let it go. Clear all this destructive stuff out of your brain and learnt to step back and enjoy the Now. The Now is the journey- allow yourself to enjoy it

6. Meditation Promotes Creativity

There have been countless studies performed by education institutions, which prove that meditation can greatly improve a person’s creativity. Everything starts in our mind, in our imagination, so we must allow that to flourish. If our minds are constantly full of chatter we stifle our creativity. By stepping back and creating calm and just being (we are human Beings after all) our deep subconscious mind has a chance to create the most wonderful sources of inspiration. Just allow yourself to be and this might sound strange, but look forward to this quiet time and you will be surprised at how many answers come to you for problems that have been swirling around in the murkiness of your conscious mind. Sometimes with me they arrive few hours later, but they are as clear as can be.


7. Meditation Improves Memory


If you find it difficult to remember things on a daily basis, you could definitely benefit from the power of meditation. Multiple academic studies performed by renowned institutions have proven that regular meditation strengthens the muscles in the brain in order to better retain memories. A study conducted by researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston revealed that meditation causes the cerebral cortex of the brain to thicken by increasing blood flow to the region.


8. Meditation Promotes Better Health.


Not only does meditation improve the function of your brain and lessen symptoms of anxiety, it also helps to calm the body and reduce stress levels. Many doctors prescribe meditation to their patients who have heart conditions caused by unhealthy levels of stress, to help them calm down and take care of their bodies. A 2012 study performed by multiple physicians and published by the American Heart Association in the medical journal titled Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes discovered that meditation can reduce a person’s risk of a heart attack or stroke by a whopping 48%!


As you can see there is great power behind the art of meditation, so it’s recommended you take a bit of time out of every day to calm down, relax and unwind. Your mind and body will surely appreciate it!


When I started, I found it difficult to focus on meditation and not on what I was going to cook for supper, but practice makes perfect!  Never get cross with yourself, (this Absolutely defeats the purpose of meditation!) just gently guide yourself back to where you were. There are so many types of meditation and the text above is giving a only very general overview of some of the benefits. We will look at various types in much more detail in a future discussion. Try guided meditations to begin with and allow your mind to form beautiful images. Meditation isn’t a chore it is something you should really look forward to. Some quiet time for you. Enjoy this wonderful path of discovery.






10 Things You Should Know About Forgiveness

10 Things You Should Know About Forgiveness

The massive benefits of Forgiveness

Why do we hold onto so many things that no longer serve us? Why do we beat ourselves up over the past? I am going to share with you 10 extremely good reasons to understand why by mastering the art of Forgiveness you can create a life of happiness and Freedom. Are you ready to embrace change and start living?
Lets go…

•1 Forgiveness is Freedom from your Past memories

“To forgive is to set a prisoner free and to discover the prisoner was you.”
Lewis B Smedes
By being non forgiving you shut down your power of awareness. Your awareness, your very consciousness becomes blinkered and harnessed to something which stalls you. By forgiving, by completely letting go of the problem  you create a new perception of what is happening around you. You set yourself free from a very tarnished world and you make the conscious choice to allow abundance to flow freely again.

• 2 Forgiveness makes a truly great person of you.

“A man who is great enough to forgive is always greater than the forgiven. He is superior. He is greater than his adversary. “
Raymond Holliwell
It takes a big character to practice the art of forgiveness and believe me it is an art!  You were brought up with so many inherited ideas, so many preconceptions that do nothing but mess you up! You were lead to believe that one religion is better than other, that one area of town is better than another, that kids from that school are all stupid, you know what i mean… the list goes on. This is all so futile. It is very rare that one person/clan is better than another, we are all the same and we all have an equal right to our beliefs. There is room for us all. You must forgive those who taught us all this: they have only been teaching us what they were taught themselves. Forgive them and enjoy the freedom that making your own decisions brings to you.

 •3 Forgiveness Means taking responsibility for your wellbeing.

“To err is human, to forgive, Divine.”
Alexander Pope
Our thoughts create our results. This is not a new way of thinking. Jesus was telling his followers  centuries ago that to remove an illness they had to forgive the sin.
Sin can be interpreted as going against the harmony of a law. The Law of Giving and Receiving for example, the more you give, the more you will receive. If you just go out and take, then you are going against the Law. You are changing the natural flow of energy. You are screwing up your natural good level of vibration, you are creating dis-ease.

4. Forgiveness means you stop creating Disease

“Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it.” 
Mark Twain
•Medical Science has proven that harbouring guilt and resentment can cause cancer and all sorts of problems. I know this is a Huge statement but simple tests have proven that the emotion of Anger produces acid and acid creates havoc as we all know. A doctor maybe able to heal the effects of a disease, but you have to look at the cause- at what created it initially? Deep down you know a lot of answers but you don’t want to take responsibility for the fact that you subconsciously created the problem in the first place.  You must stop hurting yourself, stop the  perpetual struggle against disease and toxic thoughts. You must  mindfully move on. How ever a situation arose and for what ever reason you did something, you made a judgement- it is done. It is past and you must learn from your past and leave it behind you where it belongs. You deserve so much more than that.

•5 The Quality of your forgiveness means everything.

“Once a woman has forgiven her man, she must not reheat his sins for breakfast.”
Marlene Dietrich
Saying “I am sorry” with no meaning in it means nothing. You were brought up to say sorry, these words are normally empty- they mean nothing. But when you really look at why you are saying sorry to someone, you have to look at the cause of the problem and that means that you have to understand why you reacted in the way that you did. It takes two to tango that is true, but if you were feeling out of sorts you react in a very different way.  Accept that there is a power within us that is greater than any pain we are feeling. That power is your Choice. Your choice to wallow in guilt and anger or do divert our attention to something far more worthy.
True forgiveness meant from the heart, will allow you to get back on track to your goals and achieve happiness in the present moment.
• 6 Forgiveness is Freedom from Guilt.
“Guilt is never an appropriate emotion.”
Maxwell Maltz
Guilt is like a toxic barrel of nastiness eating away at you. It serves no purpose except destruction. I am not giving you free reign to act like an idiot I am asking that you think before you respond and that you understand yourselves beautifully well enough, not to do things that would create the havoc of guilt. If it is a memory that is causing you guilt, it is in the past. make amends, forgive yourself in the first instance for being so out of sorts that you did it, forgive the other person for their part in the situation and thirdly understand that you have now learnt something wonderful from the situation itself. You can waste so much time living in the past and not enjoying the present. Learn to love the now.

•7 Forgiveness Benefits Me

“He who is devoid of the power to forgive, is devoid of the power to love”
Martin Luther King, junior
Lets forgive the misguided notion that forgiveness is an act of Charity.
Forgiveness puts you in harmony with your source, your God, your universe.
As you raise your level of consciousness you understand how you must use it to create your health and happiness. Buda talked about how we burn our own hands when we pick up hot rocks to throw at someone else for the sake of revenge. We hurt ourselves first, whilst we are planning our revenge….why on earth would we do that?
In my past, there have been certain people’s names that would actually cause such a swell of bad emotions, I could feel them rising within me. Would that person have any idea or care what effect they had on me without even being in the same room? No of course not and if they did they wouldn’t have cared a fig about it! I have forgiven myself for being so misguided that I could do this to myself – why would I create that pain?  Forgiveness allows me to disregard other people’s opinions of me. It allows me to realign myself with my source.
Forgiveness frees you up from the paradigms lurking in your subconscious mind. All the road blocks that keep us doing the same and wearisome flaming thing. …. and that keep your mind circulating in that tiresome circle of chatter!
Forgivenss is a process, it doesn’t happen over night but little by little you will realise that you have freed yourself from an awful dark cloud, that you are now free to live your life as you wish.

•8 Forgivenss means we never need to try and control anyone ever again!!

“To be wronged is nothing, unless you continue to remember it.” 
It is an impossible task and it isn’t your job to control anyone or anything except for  our own thoughts and feelings. Forgiving others for their actions, frees you up to concentrate on the positive part of our friendships and relationships. People react in a certain way with the information that they have at hand, just like you no doubt have done. Become so grateful that you now understand that you have the choice.You always have the choice in the way that you respond to any given situation.  Enjoy looking for the good in every situation and circumstance and see how much better it makes you feel.

9 Forgiveness creates peace within the other side

Resentment is like drinking poison and then hoping it will kill your enemies.” 
Nelson Mandela
Gently smooth over another’s ego and let them know that you have forgiven them. It serves little purpose to you but it can mean the world to them. Be nice, be compassionate and always be fair to your self.

• 10 Forgiveness is one of the most powerful acts that you will ever master

“When I let go of what I am, I become what i might be.”
Lao Tzu
Forgiveness allows us to expand and to understand. It allows us to realise that nobody has any power over us except the power that we allow them to have.   Your past does not have to dictate your future…the choice is yours. Forgive truly and freely and enjoy the new beginnings.
Does this resonate with you?
I have spent oh so long wanting people’s approval. Some of those people were worthy and some most definitely were not! I forgive myself for being so misguided that I thought their approval was the be all and end all. It was not and it is not! What is important is that I forgive myself for all this wasted time and energy and transfer my thoughts now to creating what i truly desire.
I forgive, deeply and truly and I now appreciate the joy of my new found freedom.
I understand that love and guilt can’t co-exist, they truly can’t. They are at opposite ends of the scale. We choose where to place our attention and I intend to continually work at aiming high and to remember that firstly I forgive myself!
Find Your Life Purpose & Captivating  Guided Meditation

Find Your Life Purpose & Captivating Guided Meditation

Find Your Life Purpose & Captivating Guided Meditation

It has been said that the two greatest days of your life are the day you are born, and the day you find your life purpose

So what is it- this life purpose?

Forget all the crap that people have told us, which might be that we are useless and have no purpose in life at all. Many writers seem to have flunked English and many of the top business men have just the education of the university of life and not college degree to their name! It is not about inherited paradigms or ones that our peers, or to that matter our own minds have created for us! It is not about being stuck in a job and life that just seems colourless.

It is about discovering what makes us tick. What creates passion and gratitude, expansion and joy…maybe what makes everything worthwhile.

Have you discovered yours yet?

Maybe you don’t have crystal clear vision of what you do want, but you can make a start by abandoning the things that you don’t want …little steps and all that!  Now sorry to seem pedantic, but i said abandon the things you don’t want- not fight against and waste lots of your energy towards them – but abandon them and replace with things that expressly serve the purpose, of taking you in the direction that you want to go in. Things that make your life feel good and purposeful.

It is all about what gets you back in alignment with your true source. You might have to step out of your comfort zone and change direction from nice and safe- but something is missing from my life bubble, to something completely new. Be brave and follow your gut feeling, your instincts.

When you are on track you rediscover your Passion for life and extra ordinary enthusiasm for your work- everything becomes worthwhile and fun once more.  You wake full of energy and are excited to be starting another day, you feel you are achieving something

How many people truly understand that being aligned with purpose/passion/high vibration gives us infinite power of creation? Our imagination can really get to work on the thoughts and ideas, that will take us towards the goals we want to achieve.

Now it probably won’t just come to you… like winning a lottery won’ if you never buy a ticket

So, you must take action and start doing stuff that you love, that makes your heart and soul sing…don’t try and rationalise it, just take some action…doesn’t matter how small- just some! When some one thanks you or praises you for what you have done then your enthusiasm will soar! A pat on the back does wonders for reinforcing our image of self belief and when we truly believe we can do something, and feel it with passion, we can turn our mind to just about anything. When we align with our purpose, wonderful things start to happen.

When something becomes full of joy it becomes infectious, just like laughter can be..

Become fully involved in the now, in our living today and create the life that makes you feel good.

That my friend, is you life purpose or your life purposes!

This wonderful meditation is by Alicia Cramer will take you on a visually stunning journey, help you relax and gently think about your life purpose.




So, you find your life purpose…how does it make you feel

Please leave your comments below



How to create the perfect life through the power of thought

How to create the perfect life through the power of thought

If I told you that you were as brilliant a sculptor as Michelangelo –  you might look at me like I was mad – right?


We create our own thoughts.
We are the only person responsible for our own thoughts.
Therefore we are the sculptors of our own mind and thoughts.
We are the creators of our reality.
We create something, we are always creating something, so become deliberate in what you create. Shift your awareness to what you want, raise your energy/ vibration and attract more of what you want into your life. Let the stuff that doesn’t serve you drift away, pay it no notice and give these negative thoughts no time or emotional energy.

Build the life you want through the application of thought.

This is a wonderfully powerful revelation –  it means we are in control of our emotions, our feelings and hence our actions.
Maxwell Maltz asks us to imagine being in a theatre. The curtain is still down and the show is about to start. We don’t know whether we will laugh or cry, be excited or terrified. We are full of anticipation. Then he tells us we are the writer, the director and the actors. We are the heroes but  more importantly we are also the Villains. We must learn, through thought and through repetition of thought, to create the life we want.
and if you aren’t quite ready to believe me… picture this

Imagine our mind as a full circle.

The top half the conscious mind and the bottom half the subconscious mind.
All sorts of stuff, good information, bad information, rules and all sorts from everyday day life are dumped into our conscious minds and this filters down below to the subconscious mind. Once we are about 6 or 7 years old we have the ability to filter through this mass of information and filter out what we don’t want. We have the choice to reject it and let it go- but no one tells us this vitally important fact!
The information that we repeatedly think about and attach emotional thoughts to, becomes embedded down into the subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind does’t have the ability to distinguish between real and unreal, so it acts on what ever we feed down into it. This information that we have attached emotional energy to creates a network of life maps or paradigms.  These then control some of our thoughts and how we react to a new situation, or indeed make us react in the same way we did in the past to a similar situation. These pesky paradigms make us do the same thing over and over- and we all know that we can’t expect to get different results by doing the same thing! How many times have you heard someone say, why do my boyfriends always treat me the same way, why am I always broke why do I always do this or that? Well my friend the likelihood is that you have a paradigm lurking deep down in the subconscious mind that is making you react in a certain ways and you didn’t even know it was there.

The good news is that we can change our paradigms.

Remember we are the writer, the actor and the director. We chose if the hero or the villain wins!
We just have to acknowledge them and then replace them with new and improved beliefs- yes allow new and more guided thoughts from our conscious mind to filter down into the subconscious. By repeating these new thoughts frequently and attaching as much emotion to them as possible ( for example by creating exciting and gorgeously detailed visualisations of what you want from life, of your dream life in every detail) the subconscious mind has to accept these. Make this fun, make it part of your daily routine, even if just for a few minutes every day; maybe every morning when you wake and every night before you go to sleep.
Some people create wonderful vision boards, some have a little card they carry around in their pockets and some carry a small physical item in their pocket, so every time they touch it they Feel the emotion, the gratitude of the visualisation they have connected it with. The point being is to take yourself and your vibration to that level of expectation which in turn turns into belief. The more of this great energy you give out and the more frequently you give it out, the more you must by the Universal Laws attract it back to yourself.
I really want you to believe that you are creating your future, so dream big and create the future you want, the one you are passionate about.

Work with your mind, choose your thoughts and become the deliberate creator.

I hardly dare mention this, but if you repeatedly focus on the lack of anything you will create more of this lack. So if you are broke, or not in the best of health please try not to spend your time thinking about this. Divert your attention to some of the wonderful stuff that is around you. It is always there, something gorgeous and abundant – maybe we have just taken it for granted. So focus your attention on the great and the positive. Focus on the brilliant future that you are going to create for yourself. It is impossible to have positive and negative thoughts simultaneously, so chose the positive. Choose thoughts that create joy and happiness.Choose thoughts that raise your vibration. Choose thoughts that take you where you want to be and stop fighting against what you don’t want.
5 Essential Tips To Increase Productivity

5 Essential Tips To Increase Productivity

5 Essential Tips To Increase Productivity

Well , it is beyond fact that we all have access to the same 24 hours in a day.

It just seems that some of us are better at managing our productivity within the 24 hours!


Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the amount of things you have to do?
Your mind is just full of stuff and you don’t know where to start?
You feel you are just too busy to be able to manage your time?
Successful people don’t have access to any more hours that we do – but i would put my bottom dollar on it, that they follow a highly organised system.

1. They will have a written and detailed list of exactly what they want to achieve.

So write a detailed plan for every project you have on the go. You might have several projects on the go but put each one will be in a separate “box”
and deal with them individually. This will help prevent you from ending up in that hideous multi tasking soup – the one that causes panic and mind chaos!
It will also give you a head start on actually enjoying what you are doing!

2. They will then prioritise their list of Goals

So again make a list, with the most important at the top. Set a deadline for completion for each and every one and learn to stick to these deadlines!
Each day make an action plan ready for tomorrow. Split your tasks into bite size chunks and prioritise them in order of importance. There are many time management systems. I like Omnifocus it asks you to empty everything that you need to do out, of your head and into a virtual to do drawer. Then, you group your tasks into projects and give them all a specific deadline. Every day you have a list of tasks to do and deadlines and it is hugely satisfying to tick them off. A sturdy notebook and pen will do I am sure. The point of any system is to create one that suits you and make it a daily habit.

3. They will then take action.

If you can love what you do the momentum created will carry you through even the most arduous task! The more time we can spend  on our passionate pursuits the more productive we become. Learn to take action yourself immediately, or if you need to delegate learnt to delegate. Highly successful people are great at delegating. Why do we spend so long struggling trying to do something when some one else can do it in a fraction of the time and if the truth be told probably ore effectively than us? Hours struggling causes lack of momentum and this encourages failure. They are great buddies- failure and lack of momentum! We can have a million ideas but all of them are useless until we take action on them- so take action!

4. They Focus Exclusively on the task in hand. 

 If it isn’t taking you towards your goal don’t do it now! If you lack focus try setting smaller time chunks for each task. If you know you have one hour to achieve something you are more likely to focus than by meandering around for an entire day! Switch off all distractions such as social media, mobile phones or other applications that aren’t directly relevant to what you are doing. I have a friend who emails themselves thoughts that spring to mind during the day that aren’t relevant to the project in hand; that way they avoid distraction but have an inbox full of their ideas which they prioritise later on.

5. They regularly evaluate how they spend their time

If you secretly know that you waste great swathes of time then stop it! Make yourself accountable for the way you spend your time. If you don’t have time to read or study something but watch 4 hours of TV every night- well something has to change! We all have the same 24 hours in every day and it is a matter of choice how we use it whether in work or outside of it.  Just check up on yourself and see where you are wasting time and gently adjust your schedule you will be amazed at how much more you can achieve.
De stress your life and give this a go and remember to enjoy the journey. It is so easy to give ourselves too much to do, to ask ourselves to achieve the impossible. Write your self a list of everything that needs to be done and prioritise the top four tasks. Those are the things you will start tomorrow with.
Please remember that we need a good balance in life to be truly effective at anything.
So getting enough good sound sleep, eating well, exercising and spending time with our loved ones doing stuff we enjoy gives us the equilibrium necessary to mange our work hours effectively. So if needs be schedule in time for all of these activities too.
Create a balance and reclaim some of the power that comes from a calm and focused mind.