Thoughts, they seem to be our reality.

They are in fact, just sentences in our mind.

They are optional.

But they really have the ability to screw us up!!They are relentless _ we tend to have about 60,000 every day! Are you controlled by your thoughts, or maybe somebody else’s, that you assume to be factual reality, or do you question them? I love coaching with The Model that I am now certified to use, via The Life Coach School.  Now I question every thought, especially the blighters that stand loud and proud and try to convince me other their “Truth”!!

Our thoughts create our perception of reality.

This is why I love coaching so much, because we can’t change facts, events, external circumstances and this includes our past,  but we do have the power to change what we think about them..

The way we think determines how we experience our lives.

So let’s use this to explore how we think about out lives in the past, in the present and in the future.

Past Thoughts

I am sorry to have to tell you but, the Past is Gone. It’s Over. It’s done.

We can’t change it. How ever challenging, awful, or what ever other adjectives we add to describe it, we can not change it. For some, this is a God send.  When our thoughts are past focused, we tend to remain stuck and define ourselves by events from the past and not give energy to all we are capable of creating in the future.

We repeat patterns of our life. 

 Thoughts pop up! Here we go. I just knew that Eric was going to blogbomb again…go on my friend, get them off your chest…

“Well you failed in the past so why the heck do you think you can do this now?  

Who the hell are you kidding.

You know it won’t work.”

 Some more of Eric’s favourites are… 

“ This is just how I am, (He is very special!)

That’s just how I have always done it. (he is stubborn and set in his ways!)

I always have glass of wine, it’s 6 o’clock. (He is an enthusiastic drinker!)

Pudding ends every meal or it isn’t a proper meal ” (He does love his sugar!)

oh I could go on… ‘We’ have a whole Log of them!! 

They seem innocuous enough but they are like lead weights around us. They are powerful enough if left unchecked, to prevent us thriving. They are like a prison door, which we have slammed shut in front of our own faces!

The other interesting fact is that we find evidence to prove our ‘thoughts’ to be true.When we look for evidence to prove we are a failure, we sure as heck will find it. We look for evidence to prove our success and we will find that too.Our minds are mighty and magnificent creations!

Interestingly, what hurts us about our past, are the thoughts we have today, about our past. 

Think about it?

If I  think of some past event, for example, darling Mum passing and it still brings up huge emotions every time I think about how much I miss her,  how unfair the end of her life was or an entire myriad of sentences in my head. They are thoughts I am creating today about a past event.

There is tremendously good news! We can change our thoughts about our past.  We can consciously let it stop defining who we are today. We can take our power back and decide who we want to be. It takes work, it takes perseverance but I assure you it is absolutely possible. Our thoughts are our own.

I love the quote by Viktor Frankl,

Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way. When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.

God love him, he spent years in a concentration camp and his memoirs explain, how what ever happened to him, he could never have his choice of thought taken from him. It was his only remaining Freedom.

Let’s take this extraordinary power we all have and use it to empower us and Thrive.

Present Thoughts.

This will be a short one, because as soon as they are out there, they are past and join the paragraphs above!

Future Thoughts.

Our thoughts about our future shape our lives. 

They are our rocket fuel, (or not) our motivation, (or not) our Joy, (or not)…can you see the pattern here? Our thoughts about our future are the pathway to There.  It is the beginning of October. We have three months left til the end of 2019.  What would you love to create by then? Let’s turn your dreams into results. Create a 3 month goal. It can be anything you want.

This is where the How you think comes into play… 

What do you really want? Not some random and vague notion. Get 100% clarity on what you want…don’t be vague and fluffy. Be precise and shiny and sharp. See it in every detail. Use all of your senses, fill your consciousness with this image. Rinse and repeat. Build it up layer after layer. Have fun with this!  If we wanted to send a message to some one to request something, we wouldn’t just send an entire alphabet in an email- we would get crap all back if we did!! We ask for a specific thing.So create a precise image of what you want. You have to believe in it 100% 

The energy you give out has to match 100% all the time not just when you think about it.  A true believer doesn’t have to go to church or any place of worship to believe. Their belief is omnipresent. It is always part of their consciousness. 

Do you remember when you fell in love…come on, yes you do! Don’t be all shy on me…for the first time, remember how enormous that feeling was? It filled every cell of your body and no doubt rose tinted your glasses too! You didn’t have to remind yourself that you were in love. It was just who you were. I will guess too, that you walked differently, thought differently and acted differently. You were absorbed by the energy of love and infatuation. Well that my friend is the energy you are aiming for with your goal/idea. 

The true invincible and unwavering faith that this is possible is the key to achieving your goals. 

What is the one thing that you want? Always pick only one goal at a time. Build your future self-image.

Who would you be?

How would you act?

How would you be different from now? 

What’s stopping you from thinking and hence being that person now? 

There are questions really worth pondering and journaling on. Most importantly what actions would this person have taken to achieve the goal? There is no point just dreaming about the goal, we have to break it down and taken massive action. Step by little step. We frequently fail our way to success! The visualisation of achieving it is so fabulous that we just see the ‘failures’ as obstacles to get there. 

We keep going. 

I love imagining, as in really visualising my goal and feeling how I would feel, when that was achieved. Sounds strange to some and the most natural thing in the world to others. It is The best way of lifting our energy. Of radiating our the energy we want to attract back. Imagine living your life as this person. What would you be thinking? Because your thoughts are the key to everything, they shape your reality. 

Play with this. It’s a mind and life expanding philosophy. 

When we believe we can do something we are able to do it. 

If we don’t believe we are capable of something, then no shit Sherlock, we can’t do it. 

If I can help you get clarity on your goals and most importantly your belief that  you are absolutely 100% worthy of them, drop a comment in the box below and let’s chat. 

I would love to help you up your anti too! 

Here is a simple exercise for you, if you choose to play… 

Spend a few days identifying the thoughts that you repeatedly have and write them down somewhere. 

Not to judge, never to judge, but to observe. 

Are there a few, or one, that are seemingly on repeat? 

Are they serving you? What are these beliefs (a thought we repeatedly think) creating in your life? It a really great pointer to the emotional state we are creating and living in. Again if I can help or you n

Once you have clarity on these thoughts, if you wold like to discuss them with me (and God forbid, Eric) please drop a message in the comment box below and we can arrange a chat.

Love Marianne.