81 and a bit, days til Christmas!
Does that short sentence hit you with a visceral dread?
Sorry if I scared you!
Heres the thing, we have lived 3/4 and then some, of this year already.
We have approx 1/4 left.
You, I and matey down the road, have lived how ever much of our life so far.
We have a good chunk ( please God) left.
So my question is this.
How do you want to spend the rest of this year?
Are you brushing that aside and thinking oh it’s OK I’ll start ‘that’ in the New year?
Or, are you going to make this count and feel chuffed as punch, by the end of 2021 and be excited to start next year, all cylinders firing?
( Now I’m using the description of Punch, who is no doubt extremely un PC, when you look into his disgraceful behaviour, but its a good saying, so bear with me!)
The really curious part is that how we do one thing tends to be a pretty good reflection of how we do everything in our life.
So I’m inviting you to use the next time chunk, up until 31.12.21 to do something that you can tick off and be proud of yourself for doing.
It might be Herculean, it might be small.
What would you love to have achieved by NYE 2021?
Need some help?
Drop me a message and lets get this short but sweet party started.
Love. Marianne