Sometimes when we want to change something..aka that deadening feeling of being stuck, we put off change because it seems too big, too far away, too unattainable, too overwhelming.
Is that stirring your tummy a wee bit?
Here is my take on it.
Change can feel uncomfortable
Feeling overwhelmed, sure as hell feels uncomfortable…like your soul is being drained of life force?
So you get to choose which ‘uncomfortable” you want!
That might sound dramatic, but deciding to stay stuck is a choice!
Wasting away our life is a choice.
Feel free to shout at me!!
I’ll repeat, wasting our life away feeling stuck is a choice!
I was  coaching a client who loves using the word “overwhelm.”
Loves it!
It’s their safety blanket.
I suggested they think of the end result they wants and we spent a while clarifying this together.
Then we found one TINY step they wanted to take towards it.
That’s it!
Because it kicks overwhelm’s flaccid butt  straight out of the door.
Taking any action, stops our brain whining at us that “we can’t”…
Imagine a big bowl of spaghetti, all tangled and coated in any flavour sauce you decide ( let’s chose overwhelm)
It’s a total brain screw to decipher.
Now take one singular strand out of said steaming bowl and work on that one small bite sized piece.
Overwhelm has to leave the house.
If you are ready to make some changes in your life and make the rest of it regret free, drop me a note.
I would love to speak with you and see if we are fit for some coaching.
Love. Marianne