I’ve been cogitating and masticating on the word “Midlife” for some time now.
What a fantastic opportunity to use the word… masticate!
Yes its Monday morning and my brain is raring to go!!
Midlife folklore( aka Bullsh*t) seems to include, trading in partners for buxom, or ripped 😉,  younger playmates, hormonal mayhem, weight gain, feeling life is flatlining, confusion, sports cars, never used Gym membership, trousers that are belted inexplicably just under nipple height, and a weary acceptance of more of the same old…
Well I say,
“f**k that. All of it.”
Here’s my take on it.
Age is a natural progression- until it isn’t.
That’s the only thing us humans have to do …is die.
Sounds harsh: it’s just a truth.
Yet we seem surprised when we reach Midlife.
(huge age range from 35-65 depending on who you ask!)
We know it’s going to happen, but somehow we have no concept of how to deal with it.
Toddlers, adolescence, the years of get the job,  get married, have kids, all the things expected of us, seem to have a way better template set out!!
But Midlife…pfffff!
It’s like the wild west out there!
When I say “out there”, I actually mean “in here,” aka the huge painful rebellion going on between our ears.
We are still trying to solve all the wrong stuff.
Maybe the reason you are struggling is because you’re at a time of your life trying not be at that time of your life?
We start trying to control a process that is the most natural one on the world- that of our ageing.
Like that’s going to end well!
There’s an insidious multi multi billion£/$ industry telling us that we shouldn’t be getting older and we should look different to how we naturally look.
The mind blowing thought that we are going to run out of time gets louder.
There is a mental civil war raging with the shoulds, shouldn’ts, can’ts  marshalled by yours truly, Captain Cock Up.
This Midlife is to be feared and the rest is all going to be downhill department seems to be championed by our Society.
💬 Here’s my take on it.
I know that Midlife is THE time to revaluate…everything.
That this is the most extraordinary God given opportunity to get our shit together and spend the rest of our lives as we please.
I believe Midlife is the birthplace of a new surge of creativity and also the time we can work out what we want to give back to this glorious planet of ours.
We have all been brought up with so many beliefs, from parents, education, societal conditioning and quite frankly much of this is bullshit/cowshit.
We have done all the things we were expected to do.
Midlife is THE time to take stock.
Its THE time to decide that on your death bed you aren’t gong to be sadly rattling…ohhhh I wish I had done that, or given that a try.
What do you want to be doing more of?
What do you want to be doing less of?
These two simple questions apply to all areas of  our lives.
Our health, our work and our relationships.
These are amongst the two most powerful questions ever.😉
I am on a mission to reframe Midlife, to being that place we get to, sigh a huge breathe of relief and say…
Thank God (insert your guy, gal or universal spirit here) now I’ve done all that, I can look at my life and start to be more Me.
If you would like some help with working out how you want to spend the rest of your glorious life, drop me a note and let’s brainstorm.
Love Marianne