Nature Abhors A Vacuum
I can’t remember which extremely wise person said this but
“Thank You.”
Imagine a densely crowded forrest.
Nature can get a bit crowded, a fire/ hurricane/ flood etc happens, space is made and new and fresh growth fills the spaces.
It’s a natural cycle. It is the way the world evolves.
I’m having the most amazing transformation re the¬† word “Midlife”
Many of you know how much I really disliked the whole “beige, flat, oh isn’t it all so difficult whining, that seems to be attached to it!ūü§£
I am on a mission to reframe¬† the word, the time chapter, the whole notion of “Midlife.”
It is THE perfect time to have a mental and life clear out and re asses everything going on in your world.
Yes everything!!
Back to the forrest analogy, our minds and lives have been crammed full of so much stuff.  Much of it seemingly arrived on autopilot and has never been properly weeded or encouraged!
We can feel congested and sluggish.
Nature abhors a Vacuum.
So new growth isn’t going to start until we make space for it.
Play with me here…
Are there habits, people, friends, weight, deadbeat lifestyle that you are hanging onto because they have become your normal and  feel safe?
It’s all OK. This is what we do. It’s called being a human!
If you have a gnawing feeling that there is something missing and you want  more out of life, here are some tips!
  1. Step one is awareness.
  2. Notice what you are just putting up with and for now feel this is tolerable?
  3. Notice what you will NOT tolerate anymore.
  4. Great work.
  5. Give yourself a hug.
  6. Now commit to changing that “intolerable.”
Your life will be so much freer.
You will grow in self confidence.
Feeling stuck and apprehensive to create some space?
Drop me a note and lets talk.
I love helping people clear out the chaos and make space to create the life they want.
Love. Marianne