There’s an old story, I first heard from Earl Nightingale’s teachings, I think😳
A struggling farmer wanting to get rich, sells up his farm, leaves his family behind in search of the diamonds, everyone else is apparently making their fortunes from.
His search is endless, fruitless and he passes away penniless.
Now the dude who was fortunate enough to buy his farm, stubs his toe on some weird looking rock, swears, hops about a bit with that eye watering agony of a stubbed toe and comes to the miraculous conclusion that this is a raw diamond.
One of the biggest to be found.
He has acres of diamonds and the farm becomes one of the biggest diamond mines.
Morals of the story.
✅ What ever you stub your toe on, it bloody well hurts!
✅ We could all do to slow down and asses what we already have.
✅  Rushing off to every new promise of riches is exhausting and quite frankly debilitating.
✅ The external appearance does not necessarily reflect the inner glories.
✅ Some of the most exquisite things in the world need a little polishing and nurturing to reveal their full glory.
✅ Your most exquisite strengths may well be locked up inside you and are just waiting for you to discover them and let them out.
Now my irreverence, aka Eric, also wants me to mention that…oh God…
However hard you try and polish a turd…it will remain a turd.
Our ‘Diamonds’ are out there, we just need to slow down, recognise them, be prepared from some hard work and some serious polishing.
Love. Marianne