I was reading a fab book by Steve Chandler.
Time Warrior.
He tells a story about some poor guy, in a psych hospital.
Daily, he comes in to a room with a big round table, a set of crayons and lots of paper and draws the head of a monster.
It terrifies him.
He runs our the room screaming.
Now whether you find this funny or disturbing, its a damned good bitch slap in the face for those of us, who believe we aren’t crazy!
Do you spend ages worrying about what might never happen?
Scare yourself half to death in case this or that might happen?
Allow the crazy thoughts to take over your brain on  a stomach churning loop recycling that rather unfavourable conversation you had with your boss/ lover/ partner?
Do you remain stuck..aka repeatedly draw sodding monster heads?
I’m so sorry to break this to you but we all have our levels of crazy!
Well its the brain’s default.
To give our beloved brain some credit, it’s just trying to keep us safe.
But in the name of sh*tting hell, until we catch this habit we can stay stuck for ages, years, decades…just believing this is how life has to be.
No it doesn’t.
We are blessed to have the capacity to decide that we aren’t going to draw the monster head anymore.
It’s served its purpose.
It’s in our past… or maybe in the land of total make belief of our future.
So of you find yourself grabbing some crayons and paper, please draw something that serves you, and takes you forwards to the pace you want to be.
Here’s to some gorgeously creative art!
Love. Marianne