Imagine your time is set out on pieces of paper – lets say with £, $, €..please insert your currency symbol here (arrow)
You have 24 notes per day.
168 every week.
That’s a fair old wedge eh?😉
How do you spend yours?
Are you metaphorically flushing it down the drain?
  • Maybe you are chasing stuff that promises to make you happy?
  • Waiting around until you make a sodding decision to change something in your life…the I’ll start that next monthitis!
  • Ruminating about all the things you haven’t done?
  • Whining about everything that everyone else is doing?
  • Feeling like crap because you ate too much, drank too much and so slept really badly?
  • Scrolling on social media watching ducks chasing kittens?
  • Working in a job that no longer satisfies you?
  • Staring in a mirror wondering how the hell gravity seems to have ravished your moveable parts overnight?
  • Telling yourself…oh this is just how I am. My friends and parents are just the same too.
  • Doing the same thing day in, day out, wondering why the results you repeatedly get aren’t changing?
Do any of these ring a bell between your gorgeous shell likes?
Here are some top tips to create Time Satisfaction.
  1. Promise to spend at least 8 ‘notes’ per day on good quality sleep. Sleep is the foundational building block of our health. So if any jackass tells you they healthily and happily survive on way less, permission to ignore them and show them the door!. Statistics re sleep and health are absolute. That leaves you 16 notes to spend.
  2. Spend a week writing down how you spend your time. It might astound you.
  3. Having collected this data get curious. No judgments necessary.
  4. Consciously decide what you want to do more of. What would make you profoundly happy? What are the first steps you need to take to achieve that? Do that. Make it ridiculously simple.
  5. Where are your figuratively tearing up those money notes? Consciously decide to do less of this. Need to set a timer re social media usage? Set a timer. Need to drink/ eat less? Ask for help or make your own plan. Want to exercise daily…make a plan. Make it ridiculously simple.
  6. Celebrate each and every win. It doesn’t matter how small. Celebrate the heck out of yourself. This is how we create new habits. One baby step at a time.
Still feel stuck?
Please drop me a message and let’s chat.
Love. Marianne