Imagine a dark room.
Pitch black.
It’s been like that for a bloody long time.
It doesn’t matter why.
It just has!
Please play along with me here.😉
Now imagine someone opens the door.
Bright sunshine floods in.
Darkness can not remain when light floods in.
🧡 It doesn’t matter how long you have felt stuck or unfulfilled.
🧡  It doesn’t matter if you have lived your life so far following everybody else’s expectations
🧡 It doesn’t matter how long the room was dark for.
Darkness can not remain when light floods in.
The light is the opportunity to change.
 Once we are open to change and willing to learn how..every aspect of our life opens up.
Is there something that’s really preying on your mind that you would love to change?
Please believe me when  I say, it’s never too late.
Our past doesn’t have to have any correlation with our future, unless we decide that is so.
Deciding to get unstuck is the first step.
Taking the first tiny action is the next step.
If you’re feeling stuck and fancy some help,  please message me and let’s schedule a virtual coffee chat.
I would love to guide you on this journey.
Love. Marianne.
The # 1 regret of the dying is
“I wish I had had the courage to live  a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.”
I’ve  no intention of experiencing this! Have you?💡