The #1 Regret of the dying is

"I wish I had had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me."

I’ve No intention of experiencing this.

Have you?

Here’s what I know


  • Midlife is an exceptionally powerful place to be.
  • The true purpose of Midlife is to re evaluate, course correct and decide to live unapologetically and without end of life regrets.
  • Time to wake up and close the gap between who we are and who we want to be.
  • Midlife is not a challenge. It is the perfect opportunity

I help people who have done all the things that are expected of them, stop f*cking around and start living their life unapologetically.

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Client Love


Before I started my sessions with Marianne, I was feeling stuck and unable to move forward due to being faced with many uncontrollable events in quick succession! After the first session, Marianne helped me to realise that no matter what life throws at me, the one thing I can control is how I respond and react to them.
I’m finally able to see things more clearly and let go of the things I’m unable to control and enjoy the present moment for what it is. If you are looking for some guidance or clarity with your life, then I would highly recommend getting in touch with Marianne.

Client Love


Due to a recent life changing event I felt that my ability to cope with a set of difficult circumstances was unravelling and Marianne came to the rescue. It was such a relief to be able to be completely honest and frank with her whilst knowing that everything I said would remain confidential and that I wouldn’t be judged. Marianne has a very good way of explaining what she is teaching; always succinct, always kind and always encouraging.  Marianne taught me to recognise triggers which result in negative thoughts and feelings. Consequently, I am much more self aware and much more present in my daily life which profoundly affects how I deal with these challenges. Whilst I still stumble now and again, I am more able to pick myself up and take the next step forwards and I feel more at peace. Thank you Marianne. 

Client Love

I can always count on you being honest and loving with me. I know that everything you say and do for me is out of love and a genuine caring to help me become who I want to become.  I really admire your courage and authenticity (as a human, as a coach, in your posts, in videos)
When I am trying to tell you what I think is my “pain point”, you zero in on what it really is and what is holding me back. 
I remember our first call ever, and I didn’t know you at all. I thought you would be a “stuffy Brit”, and you were anything but that. You have a way of making people feel at ease around you. You celebrate the great in others and you don’t take yourself or anyone too seriously. You have such a perfect blend of love and kickass🙂

You help me focus my ideas, energy and mind so I can move forward and not spin in overwhelm and indecision. I feel excited and eager to get to work after our calls. I feel enlightened and capable of anything after talking with you.



Client Love


 I like your balanced and honest direction. You have such a calm way of allowing me to see things more clearly.
You help me direct my thought patterns in a seemingly effortless and unpressured manner to a place that works.
I’m fascinated by where our conversations can lead us. Since I have been working with you, I am definitely  more positive, energised and excited about myself and my life… I feel more  ‘worthy’ ) and very much  enjoying the way I am beginning to look forward to what each day may bring.  Finding joy in the small things that I do for myself.  My energy has without doubt shifted.

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I am on a mission to reframe Midlife, to being that place we get to, sigh a huge breathe of relief and say…


Thank God (insert your guy, gal or universal spirit here) now I’ve done all that, I can look at my life and start to be more Me.


If you would like some help with working out who you are, what your life is all about and how you want to spend the rest of it,
drop me a note and let’s brainstorm.


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